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Friday, 14 January 2011

Kicktail Review


It's been awhile now for not updating the blog, that was because I've been trying out new lures~~ well~~ not that new anyway, I've got the lures since before I have my Buzzbait. Anyway, this specific lures have been around quite some times now, and some how IMHO, it's a version of the soft-bait the famously known in Brunei as Banjo Minnow. Although, let me put this is a right way, Banjo Minnow is not the only soft-bait that jerk and react, in fact there arequite a lot of soft-bait where you pull, and it reacts.

The KickTail hard-bait version of Banjo Minnow-lookalike, do react the same way, it falls and it turns the same way as Banjo Minnow, but less flexible as the soft-bait. But hey, what do you expect from the hard-bait aye. Anyhow, the jerks and turns do react a little bit like a fish which is trying to run away, and it drops to the bottom slowly, except it does not drop appropriately like an injured fish. But the retrieve technique do wiggle the whole body like a real fish, and seriously~~ you will not and you won't recognise between a KickTail or the real fish... well~~ if the hard-bait in the water that is. The plus side of this hard-bait is that, it has a depth setting on it, just like any "dive" hard-bait. If not mistaken, mine ones are 4-8" depth and there's a lot of choice you can choose from. But preferably the "any" deep settings for me which I reckon, that is because you can play in any depth you want. Except that when there's a strong current, it may float instead of dive. Still~~ I like the innovative side of the concepts and ideas of this lure. So far, I didn't catch that much due to I'm quite scare to lose it due to the expense of getting of this particular lure is quite expensive. But~~ if you wanna try new things, you can give it a try and you'll be amazed by it.

And as below, the grades are given.
Design : 9 (Quite real compare to the soft-bait, except it's harder)
Quality : 10 (The metal and plastic is strong and the painting stay intact.)
Features : 9 (2 hooks like any normal hard-bait, and the swimming ability is so realistic.)
Useability : 9 (A mixed of retrieved and jerk and turns technique. I like it, you can just play retrieve or you can control to your liking)
Application : 6 (Normal hard-bait application, it does snag due to the hooks are being set on the lower side of the lure. Too bad though)
Tot. score : 8.6
NB :There are a lot of brand that has the same design, but KickTail just among of them. So availability to get this particular lure can be obtained anywhere in the angler shop in Brunei.

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